With the re-booted version of Hawaii Five-O coming to an end just last year, I thought it would be fun to go look back at the original series again and rank each season. This is how I see the seasons, so if you disagree, I’d love to see your list! 1. Season One Season One

With the re-booted version of Hawaii Five-O coming to an end just last year, I thought it would be fun to go look back at the original series again and rank each season. This is how I see the seasons, so if you disagree, I’d love to see your list!

1. Season One

Hawaii Five-O Season 1, Episode 1

Season One was very good. This was the first introduction to many of the classic characters and it truly was the perfect way to start a brand new show. While not every episode throughout was perfect, the season as a whole was a great introduction to the series.

2. Season Three

Hawaii Five-O Season 3, Episode 1

To me, this season is nearly perfect. If Season One didn’t do such a great job at introducing Steve and Danno, this would easily be the top season in my rankings. The two-part ending to this season is one of the best endings of the entire show.

3. Season Six

Hawaii Five-O Season 6, Episode 22

If the last spot on my list took the best ending to a season, this spot gets the best opening! Season Six crushes it out of the gate. The first five episodes in the season (“Hookman”, “Draw Me a Killer”, “Charter For Death”, “One Big Happy Family”, and “The Sunday Torch”) are all nearly flawless. Even if the rest of the season wasn’t good, the first five episodes would make this season ranked in the top half. Luckily, the rest of the season is also very good making Season Six an easy Top 3 ranking.

4. Season Nine

Hawaii Five-O Season 9, Episode 18

This season was very good overall. It didn’t have a super-strong start to the season like Season Six and didn’t have a brilliant ending like Season Three, but was very consistent throughout. “The Bells Toll At Noon” (Season 9, Episode 12) is one of my favorite episodes of the whole series and is a perfect example of how solid this season was as a whole.

5. Season Five

Hawaii Five-O Season 5, Episode 10

For the first time (but not the last), the spot in my ranking matches the season number. Season Five as a whole was relatively mediocre outside of one segment which boosts it. Episodes 9, 10, and 11 are known as “The Vashon Trilogy”. Here, we saw three episodes back to back going deeper into the Vashon crime family. These 3 episodes are very well done and round out this season making it number 5 on my list.

6. Season Eight

Hawaii Five-O Season 8, Episode 3

Season Eight is a lot like Season Five. Overall, the season is very solid and well done. It has great pacing throughout and there is nothing inherently wrong. That being said, the reason it is lower than Season Five is it doesn’t have anything like The Vashon Trilogy to pull it up higher. It stays middle of the pack with nothing really standing out to pull you in.

7. Season Seven

Hawaii Five-O Season 7, Episode 15

Season Seven gave me the same feel as Season Eight. Overall, it was a good season. There were only a few episodes that I would put as being “below average” with the season as a whole being pretty average. And just like Season Eight, there is no huge standout moment to push it any higher than #7.

8. Season Two

Hawaii Five-O Season 2, Episode 10

Truthfully, this was the hardest season to rank. Before coming up with this placement I had it as high as #4 and as low as #10. The reason I struggle with this season is that each episode is very boom or bust. It’s either an excellent episode or an absolute stinker. There is no in-between. While some episodes are strong, we are then hit with a string of duds that pull the season down more.

9. Season Four

Hawaii Five-O Season 4, Episode 1

Season Four started with great potential. The start of the season was so good that it rivaled Season Six for the best start of a season for the whole series. Unfortunately, it dropped off after that. While the end of the season was decent (not bad, but also not as good as the start of the season), the middle was mediocre at best. The middle was monotonous and pretty disappointing causing it to tank in my rankings.

10. Season Ten

Hawaii Five-O Season 10, Episode 10

Season Ten was a weird one. The season as a whole was pretty average with a couple of those episodes being slightly better than average. In a vacuum, it would probably be good enough of a season to be ranked #7/8. However, the biggest downfall with this season is that it followed one of the strongest seasons with Season Nine. Going from one of the best overall and consistent seasons to mediocrity really hurt it in the overall rankings.

11. Season Twelve

Hawaii Five-O Season 12, Episode 14

The final season. I really wanted to believe in the season with it having the pressure of wrapping everything up. And truthfully, it started strong. The first few episodes really sold me that this season was going to be a great wrap-up. Unfortunately, that hope only lasted those few episodes. Quickly, the season took a nosedive. There were a few episodes throughout the rest of the season that weren’t awful but they were still below average as a whole. Truthfully, it was a very disappointing ending to the show.

12. Season Eleven

Hawaii Five-O Season 11, Episode 4

To be honest, deciding whether Season Eleven or Season Twelve would be last was pretty hard. If I could rank them both as #12 I would have. Much like Season Twelve, there is very little that I found worthwhile in Season Eleven. Character development wasn’t there, the plot was slow, and overall it was a pretty boring season. The only reason Season Twelve got #11 was that it at least had a few decent episodes at the start of the season. This season didn’t even have that luxury for me.

What are your thoughts on my rankings? Do you agree or disagree? I’d love to see your list either in the comments below and or tag us on Twitter at @PlexReel!

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