This week in drone news: FAA Administrator has announced he will be resigning, the FAA announced this week they will begin Unmanned Traffic Management field testing, the Superbowl drone show, more concerns over blue UAS in comparison to the NDAA, and a new FPV course.

00:00 Introduction
00:38 FAA Administrator Resigns
01:44 FAA Starts UTM Field Test
02:50 Superbowl Drone Show
03:27 NDAA v. Blue UAS
05:37 New Course!

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Friday the 11th, the FAA announced the plan to begin testing unmanned traffic management capabilities.
Testing will start in the spring of 2022.
UTM service will be complementary but separate from ATM services
This field testing is aimed at sUAS operations, generally, below 400’.

The NFL put on a drone show for the Super Bowl.
This show was shown 4 times, once the Friday prior and three times on Saturday.
There were none on Sunday due to the TFR.

Two NDAA compliant drones manufacturers, Terraview and Skyfish are petitioning congress to remove the blue sUAS requirement.
These two manufactures claim the Blue UAS program is causing damage to NDAA compliant manufacturers.
Both manufacturers applied for blue UAS, but were told the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) lacked the funding to evaluate their systems.
“The Blue sUAS list was never designed to be a gate-keeper for federal government procurement,” says Bruce Myers, Terraview CEO.  “It’s actually stifling competition… The DIU never intended the Blue sUAS list to be the be all end all. ”

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The FAA administration released a memo stating:
“Over the past several years, my family has been a source of tremendous encouragement, strength and support. Nevertheless, after sometimes long and unavoidable periods of separation from my loved ones during the pandemic, it is time to devote my full time and attention to them. As I wrote in my letter to President Biden, it is time to go home.”
Administrator Dickson said he made the decision in light of growing extended family and time away from his family.
It’s expected Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims will take over Dickson’s duties. Content

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