Local Animal Control Operations are going well according to officials with the City of Newton and Jasper…

Local Animal Control Operations are going well according to officials with the City of Newton and Jasper County. Both government entities turned to Parkview Animal Hospital for assistance when the Jasper County Animal Rescue League closed. 


That’s Brandon Talsma, Chairman of the Jasper County Board of Supervisors. He was talking with the County’s Community Development Director Kevin Luetters. This week the Supervisors unanimously approved Luetters recommendation to extend the County’s animal control relationship with Parkview.


For 9-thousand 125-dollars per year, the County has exclusive use of one kennel at Parkview’s 1st Avenue East facility in Newton. If additional kennels are needed, the County’s cost is 25-dollars per kennel per day. Luetters says Parkview’s staff is also available to provide help if needed.


The flat yearly fee will increase 5-percent per year, reaching 11-thousand 92-dollars in 2026. Parkview will hold animals brought in by the County for 7 days before they are forwarded to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Quarantined animals will be held for 10 days. 2021 was the first full year the Newton Police Department’s Community Service Officers were in charge of animal control within the City. Police Chief Rob Burdess, speaking to the City Council earlier this week, says everything is working well.


Parkview’s expanded facility opened this past Monday. Burdess says his officers took in 151 dogs last year. 98 were returned to their owner. 26 went to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa for adoption. Seven animals were euthanized or died due to their deteriorated health. He adds 8 cats were rehomed during the year, and so were a duck and a pelican. 

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