Queensland police have seized over 130 weapons, including tomahawks and machetes during a year-long trial to reduce knife violence on the Gold Coast.

Three years after a teenager was stabbed to death in the Gold Coast’s nightlife district, Queensland police have significantly reduced knife related crime in the area.

The new data comes as Queensland Police conclude their year-long wanding trial, conducting 24/7 weapons checks on people in the designated Surfers Paradise Safe Night Precinct to prevent stabbings and other knife-related violence.

Queensland Police have seized over 130 weapons in the last 12 months and have arrested 106 offenders for weapon related crimes.

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Acting assistant commissioner Rhys Wildman said knife-related crime in the area had dropped significantly recently due to the efforts of police.

“We’ve seen a 100 per cent reduction in armed hold-up offences and more stunningly an 850 per cent reduction of wounding matters,” acting assistant commissioner Wildman said.

In the 12 months since the trial began, wounding offences have decreased by 88 per cent with the number of armed hold ups down by 50 per cent.

Officers filmed several seizures and arrests, confiscating an array of weapons including butcher’s knives, blades, swords and tomahawks.

“The very first night when our staff actually intercepted a male entering a nightclub with a sharpened screwdriver is one of the things that blew my mind,” acting assistant commissioner Wildman said.

Throughout the trial, police conducted weapons checks on 11,775 people, including 3275 juveniles.

Police seized 133 weapons and charged 106 offenders for knife-related offences.

Acting assistant commissioner Wildman said increased police presence had significant impacts on reducing overall crime in the area, with several others charged for drug-related offences and breaching domestic violence orders.

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“This is about a far bigger picture than the wanding itself,” acting assistant commissioner Wildman said.

Brett Beasley, the father of Jack Beasley who was killed at the age of 17 after being stabbed at Surfers Paradise in 2019 thanked police for their efforts.

“We’re here to save lives,” he said.

“These figures are absolutely fantastic and these little devices (wanding tools) are saving lives.”

Data and results of the trial will be analysed by Griffith University.

Acting assistant commissioner Wildman said the 24/7 police patrols would continue over the next 12 months, until the operations become a permanent part of legislation.

“We hope that this trial will become a permanent fixture,” he said.

“The feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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