Lionel Lamont Vincent, 48, of Pontiac was arraigned and had a probable cause conference May 4 on two counts of first-degree premeditated murder on July 25, 2021 in Van Buren[…]

Lionel Lamont Vincent, 48, of Pontiac was arraigned and had a probable cause conference May 4 on two counts of first-degree premeditated murder on July 25, 2021 in Van Buren Township. The warrant was filed March 24.
His assigned attorney J. Grant Miller said he needed discovery, so 34th District Court Judge Brian A. Oakley adjourned Vincent’s probable cause conference until 10 a.m., May 18, via zoom. Vincent was present via zoom from the Michigan Department of Corrections’ Michigan Reformatory in Ionia and he was on parole hold, so no bond was set.
Vincent is accused of murdering Yachanda Snipes, 45, and her daughter Dacara Leatherberry, 14, in their home in the 46000 block of Lake Villa Drive within the Belleville Pointe apartment complex late July 25, 2021. The two reportedly died of multiple injuries.
Van Buren Township Police Detective Mike Long said Vincent was the suspect from the beginning and the victim was an Uber driver at the time they met. Det. Long said the state held Vincent for possible parole violation because of the VBT police investigation. He was wearing his GPS ankle monitor, required for his parole, at the time of the killings, police said.
According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Vincent was paroled Sept. 22, 2020 after serving 27 years in prison for an Aug. 25, 1994 kidnapping and raping, using a weapon to commit a felony and various other weapons charges, in Oakland County. He was convicted in a jury trial.

Bert David Scott
Bert David Scott, 57, of the City of Belleville, pled guilty to assault and battery before Judge Oakley on Dec. 29 and got a six-month delay after which the charge would be dismissed if there were no further problems. He was charged with assault or assault and battery on Sept. 12 in Van Buren Township.
Scott told Judge Oakley he put a young man in the house in Van Buren Township and that young man lived with him in fear. Defense attorney Jeff Bowdich said Scott had been in the hospital for the last two weeks after having part of one of his feet amputated. He said the victim no longer lives with his client and there is no reason for the two to contact one another. The case had been set for a jury trial on Jan. 14 and that was removed from the calendar.

Cayenne Elizabeth Wilcox
Cayenne Elizabeth Wilcox, 43, of Ann Arbor was arraigned Sept. 15 on charges of controlled substance second offense notice and third-degree retail fraud on Feb. 16, 2020 in Van Buren Township. Her probable cause conference was adjourned until Oct. 6 and then, after Neighborhood Defender Service was assigned to the case, it was adjourned until Oct. 13. They were working on a deal so the case then was adjourned to Nov. 10. At that time, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Alexander Kurrie asked for one last adjournment to iron out details to resolution. Judge Martin adjourned the probable cause conference to Dec. 8. On that date Kurrie said they were very close to an offer that he had to discuss with his supervisor. The case was adjourned until Jan. 19 and then a probable cause conference was set for Feb. 2. That was adjourned until March 2.
On March 2, she pled guilty to retail fraud and the other charge was dismissed. She is on probation with the 14B district court in another county and so she will continue with that as non-reporting probation and she will continue with her substance abuse program. She told Judge Green she had been clean for a year and a half. He said she took something she did not pay for at the Meijer store in Van Buren Township on Feb. 16, 2020. She will pay a total of $545 in fines.
Brittany Nicole Blanchard
Brittany Nicole Blanchard, 33, of Wixom, was present for her remote pretrial on Sept. 15 on charges of child abuse fourth degree and domestic violence on Aug. 29 in Van Buren Township. On Sept. 15 Judge Green set the final pretrial for Oct. 13 to give her defense attorney Samer Jadallah time to get the discovery. He said his client wishes the no-contact order with the complaining victim removed and Judge Green kept the no-contact order as part of the $5,000 personal bond.
On Oct. 13, the defense attorney asked for a jury trial and it was set for a date to be determined. The case was to be reviewed on Dec. 29 and again on June 28.

Lisa Jean Kartmann
Lisa Jean Kartmann, 40, of Van Buren Township is charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic violence on Aug. 22 in Van Buren Township. On Sept. 15 her final pretrial was set for Oct. 6 and the victim must appear. As part of the conditions of her $5,000 personal bond, she was not to return to an address on Union Street.
On Oct. 6, the complaining witness did not appear so the charge was dismissed without prejudice, which means it could be refiled.

Jasmine Monet Williams
Jasmine Monet Williams, 25, of Inkster, was due for a Sept. 15 jury trial before Judge Oakley on charges of embezzlement on Jan. 3, 2020 in Van Buren Township. Instead, she pled guilty and was deposed by Judge Oakley on a guilty plea. She was sentenced to pay $851.51 on a payment plan.

Jeffrey Edward Dutcher
Jeffrey Edward Dutcher, 48, of Detroit was present for his probable cause conference before Judge Martin on Sept. 22. He is charged with two counts of operating while intoxicated in the City of Belleville. His defense attorney John Camilleri asked for time to look over the police reports and maybe avoid the exam. The probable cause conference was adjourned until Oct. 6 and then he waived his preliminary exam and was bound over to circuit court for an arraignment on the information on Oct. 20. A calendar conference was set for Nov. 12. A final conference was held Jan. 12 when he pled guilty to operating while intoxicated and to a new charge of operating OUIL/per se/OWI-third offense notice (felony). The charges of operating with a high blood alcohol content and open container in the vehicle were dismissed. Sentencing by Judge Donald Knapp was on Feb. 18, with a total of $1,498 on each of the two charges and alcohol tether upon release of jail sentence for one year with two years of probation, plus 60 days of community service for each charge.

Malik James Walker
On Sept. 22, Malik James Walker, 24, of Detroit pled guilty to one count of driving while license suspended and the court dropped the other count of driving with no insurance in the City of Belleville on Oct. 22, 2020. Judge Martin levied a fee totaling $980.
Walker was also set for an Oct. 26 pretrial appearance by zoom on a charge of domestic violence-second offense notice in Van Buren Township on Feb. 14, 2021. On Oct. 26, his final pretrial on that charge was set for Nov. 23 and then the charges were dismissed on a motion of the defendant.

Sean Arthur Charnley
Sean Arthur Charnley, 35, of E. Lansing, is charged with possession of narcotic or cocaine less than 25 grams on Nov. 27, 2020 in Van Buren Township. His attorney Hannah Baron of Neighborhood Defender Service said she was missing some of the digital discovery and needs time to review it. The live preliminary exam was set for Nov. 10 and then reset for Jan. 26. When he failed to appear for his court date, a warrant was signed for his arrest.

Kora Leigh Dailey
Kora Leigh Dailey, 24, of Van Buren Township, was present before Judge Martin on Sept. 22 for her arraignment and pretrial on charges of aggravated assault and assault/assault and battery on Nov. 11, 2020 in Van Buren Township. Her attorney Dan Bitar said he needed the police report and Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jane Gillis said she would send it to him. Judge Martin set personal bond of $5,000 for Dailey, warning her to have no contact with the victim. The victim must appear at the final pretrial which was set on Oct. 20 by zoom. The victim was there by zoom for the Sept. 22 session.
On Oct. 20, she pled no contest to assault and battery and her first count was dismissed. Judge Green deferred her case for up to a year until she takes an anger management course. Fine was $300.

Carlo Forester
Carlo Forester, 49, of Van Buren Township, was arraigned on a bench warrant on Sept. 30 before Magistrate Al Hindman via zoom from Huron Township lockup where he was placed by Sumpter Township police. He was facing a charge of violation of probation and his hearing on that was set for Oct. 18. Bond was set at $5,000. He also was asked to appear before that date at the court’s probation department.
On Oct. 18, Judge Martin found him guilty of violation of probation and committed him to the William Dickerson facility and placed on in-home alcohol monitoring for not to exceed 30 days.
The probation stemmed from a charge of driving while intoxicated with person younger than 16 in the vehicle on May 13, 2019 in Sumpter Township. That charge was reduced by the court to driving while visibly impaired, with a list of requirements, including restitution with time payments, substance treatment, Reality Check class, and work program.

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