After a resident reported a bullet hole in their ceiling, two 23-year-old men were found dead in a Woodbridge, Virginia, apartment on Sunday, police said.

Two men were found dead in a Woodbridge, Virginia, apartment Sunday after a resident in the apartment downstairs called police to report a bullet hole in their ceiling.

Malik Xavier Lamar Davis, of Woodbridge, and Christian Jamar Roberts, of Dumfries, both 23, were found shot dead in an apartment at Woodbridge Station Apartments.

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A resident who found a bullet hole in their ceiling and a fragment of a bullet on their floor contacted the police around 4 p.m. When maintenance opened the door of the apartment upstairs, the officers found the two men. Police said the victims showed no signs of life and rescue personnel confirmed their deaths.

Police said there were “additional signs of a shooting” in the apartment, but no signs of forced entry.

An early investigation didn’t find any damaged property or other people who were hurt.

Police don’t believe the shooting was random and say there’s no active threat to the community. They’re investigating what led up to the shooting and are asking anyone with information to contact their tip line by calling 703-792-7000 or going to

Below is a map of where the men were found, in the 13600 block of Mary’s Way.


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