Alliance of Coalitions For Healthy Communities’ latest initiative will help prevent substance misuse and help addicts get back on their feet.

Alliance of Coalitions For Healthy Communities‘ latest initiative will help prevent substance misuse and help addicts get back on their feet.

“We made it so the person can open the door, get the resources, and go. No questions asked, no stigma,” said Stacy Burns, Harm Reduction Specialist, Alliance of Coalitions For Healthy Communities.

“It’s moral purpose is to show the community that that machine is going to love you as you learn to love yourself,” said Burns.

The 44-year-old understands very well the challenges a drug addict faces.

“I started using heroin due to a car accident. Before I knew it, I was buying pills off the street. It went from Vicodin to oxy and then to heroin,” said Burns.

Stacy has been clean since 2012. Since then, she has been on a mission to help others overcome their addiction, and filling ‘Save A Life’ stations is just one of them. In fact, Stacy says there are over 30 of these stations across Oakland County, including one in Pontiac, right outside of Healing Hearts Safety Services, a place where critical life-saving skills are taught, including how to administer Narcan.

“You would literally put it in their nostril, push this button, until you can’t push it no more, it will automatically stop. You are going to wait 2 minutes. They could have a deviated septum. There could be anything that’s going on, or not enough of the dose. Inside the box, there are two of these doses, then you go to the opposite nostril and place it there until you can push it no more,” said Denise Harris, owner and CPR instructor at Healing Hearts Safety Services.

Harris, lost her brother William Model to an opioid overdose 12 years ago. Her biggest regret is not having access to Narcan back then.

“If you had the option to tell him something, what would it be?” asked 7 Action News.

“I would like to tell him that, he would so proud of both of his daughters, he has a beautiful grandson now, looks just like him, and his youngest daughter is graduating from high school a year early,” said Harris.

For Stacy and Denise, Save a Life Stations are an honor to the ones who have lost their battle against opioid addiction and a great resource for those looking to turn a new leaf.

“Every time I come to refill a station, its completely empty, which is great because it means our community is being flooded with this life-saving drug,” said Burns.

‘Save A Life Station’ contains:

Narcan doses Fentanyl and Xylazine testing strips Safe disposal kits for prescription drugs  Informational resources

And the best part is, it’s absolutely free!

Click here to see all the locations for ‘Save A Life’ stations.

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