The Parade Company is set to light up the Detroit skyline Monday for the 65th annual Ford Fireworks.

The Parade Company is set to light up the Detroit skyline Monday for the 65th annual Ford Fireworks.

The 24-minute show is set to kick off at 10:06 p.m from Hart Plaza. Tens of thousands of people are expected to visit downtown Detroit to watch.

“We were running late this morning so we got here at 10:30 a.m. We usually get here at 6. When the park used to open at 5, we used to get here at 5,” said Andrea Jackson as she helped her family set up a tarp.

Jackson is one of thousands of people who will be watching the show from nearby Belle Isle. Dozens of cars filled up the parking lot shortly after the island opened to vehicles Monday at 2 p.m. Once the island reaches 3,000 vehicles, they will close the park to traffic according the the Parade Company.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, family tradition for a very long time. We enjoy it, love it, the camaraderie. Its peaceful. Its just great,” said Jackson.

While families worked to set up the for the perfect spot to watch the show, businesses prepared for the influx of visitors.

“Sweetwater is a Detroit staple. It’s been here for many years and were known for our famous wings,” said Arkeisha Walker as she stood behind the restaurant’s bar.

The staff at Sweetwater Tavern on Congress St. say they have extra employees on shift and are stocked up on chicken wings.

“Because were right in the middle, located in the middle of everything, we get a lot of traffic which means its really, really busy,” said Walker. “We pretty much stay ready because its always busy.”

Police say they’ve been working on a safety plan for the fireworks show for several weeks. Detroit Police say Monday night they will again use their 12-point safety plan, which was rolled out earlier this year by Chief James White. The 12-point plan has been used during several major events downtown including the Grand Prix, the movement music festival and Taylor Swift concert.

As a part of the plan, DPD says people can expect to see metal detectors strategically placed throughout downtown to screen for illegal weapons. The department will also be placing additional officers downtown including mounted police, bike officers, a marine unit and undercover officers. Additionally, police say there will be a curfew in place for minors. Anyone who is under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or someone who is 21+.

“If they are by themselves, we will detain them and we will contact a parent to pick them up and we will be issuing tickets,” said Detroit Police Commander Melissa Gardener.

Gardener says drivers should arrive to the show early as parking could pose a challenge and starting at 6 p.m. the Jefferson exits on M-10 and I-375 will be closed.

“We want families to be able to come down and enjoy a great evening of fireworks and all the other things that come with. So, we just ask if youre going to come down, come with a sense of enjoyment. Lets not come down here to cause issues or concerns that would have us having to work in a different capacity,” said Commander Gardener.

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