For 20 years, Angel Flewellyn cared for her ailing mother and they often talked about starting a mission to help those who are homeless by cooking meals for them.

For 20 years, Angel Flewellyn cared for her ailing mother and they often talked about starting a mission to help those who are homeless by cooking meals for them.

Angel’s mother passed away in 2021, but her desire to help those in her community who are struggling continued. And in October of 2022, Angel and her daughter, Latia, and Angel’s two sisters, Wanda and Jacqueline, embarked on a journey of spreading love through food.

“It was just something that I just wanted to do on Sundays,” said Angel. And so they decided to call themselves the Sunday Best Crew.

“Sunday is a big deal because I believe everybody deserves a big meal, especially on Sunday,” she said.

But then Angel’s daughter said something that would turn the Sunday-only meals for the homeless into a six days a week mission for the women.

“My daughter says, ‘Well, mom, the Lord said that we need to do this every day.’ And I said to her, ‘What do you mean every day? We can’t do this every day.'”

It only took a moment for Angel to agree that the need was there and so the passing out of meals would be six days a week.

So, around 7 pm every weekday, except Wednesdays, near the Rosa Parks Transit Center in downtown Detroit, the women set up tables and pass out meals that Angel has spent hours that day making.

Angel and her sisters pack up her small car with the food, pots, and pans, to pass out, and they do it Sundays around 4:30 pm at the same location.

“They call me the lady with the good food. So I tell them it’s made with love,” Angel told 7 Action News. “Many of them have become my friends and there are a lot of seniors that are out there.”

In the beginning, Angel said they limited the meals to those who are homeless. But then she realized there were others who had a place to live but were just hungry.

“The Lord said feed those who are also hungry so I said, ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve been turning away hungry people.’ From then on, I feed everybody that gets in line.”

“I love it because I know that they feel good and they’re happy and they can eat a good meal,” Angel said.

Angel is thankful for their regular supporters who help fund their mission of helping others. She said her daughter uses her own money to cover a large portion of the costs.

“She loves it, too,” Angel said. “When she leaves work, she goes straight there. She doesn’t go home.”

The women are now trying to raise money so they can purchase an actual food truck so they can make more meals and the meals that they deliver can stay warm, longer.

“A lot of the food, by the time we get there, is cold. So, with the food truck, we can keep the food hot and transport more plates.”

Angel recalls the day a man came running up to them as they were about to leave.

“He said, ‘I’m so hungry. Do you have anything?’. And we didn’t have anything. We had cheese. And he said, ‘Can I just have the cheese?’ And we gave him the bag of cheese and we felt so bad because we had ran out of food.”

If you’d like to make a donation towards the Sunday Best Crew purchasing a food truck, you can click here or visit their website at

Angel said being able to help feed those in need gives her peace and joy and it fills all of them with gratitude.

“Me and my daughter, we talk about it all the time. She said, ‘Mom, I wouldn’t trade this in for nothing.’ Angel said she wouldn’t either. “When I leave there, I’m happy.”

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