The Fed, which opened in Clarkston in July of 2017, comes from a passion to gather and a passion for community.

Born of an ever-present entrepreneurial spirit and the habit of looking for the next excuse to host an event or dinner party, The Fed Community is the heart and soul of owners Sarah and James Schneider.

The building that houses The Fed claims its roots as Jossman State Bank built near the turn of the century. After two years of extensive renovations, it opened its doors in July 2017. The Schneiders say their team has come together quite well. They also say they’ve discovered that the right people tend to show up at the right time.

The result is a space they hope feels like your neighborhood meeting locale, where you come to catch up with familiar faces and share your most important moments. The Fed is for celebrating with friends, family and loved ones – for sharing good news, great conversation and a meal or a drink over exceptional company. You can connect with The Fed on Facebook at The Fed | Clarkston MI | Facebook

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