The mayor’s wife suffered a broken leg.

Rioters in France attacked a mayor’s home in the Paris suburb of LHay-les-Roses, injuring his wife and child.

Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun said a group of people rammed a burning car into his home around 1:30 a.m. while his wife and child were asleep. He was not home at the time, as he was monitoring the violence at the town hall.

The mayor’s wife suffered a broken leg, according to BBC News.

The regional prosecutor has opened an investigation into what he’s deeming an attempted murder. He told local media outlets that the car was meant to ram the house and set it on fire. He also said that flame accelerant was found in the car.

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This happened as France saw a fifth night of protests sparked by the police killing of a teenager. Police arrested more than 700 people accused of setting fires, overturning cars, and damaging buildings. Despite all this, the protests were less intense than on previous nights. The interior minister says several areas were reinforced with extra security to discourage more violence.

French President Emmanuel Macron is set to address the country about the unrest later in the day.

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