After two months of leave, Dearborn’s fire chief is now back to work following an arrest for alleged drunken driving. Today we’re learning more about why he’s been allowed to return to his job.

After two months of leave, Dearborns fire chief is now back to work following an arrest for alleged drunken driving. Today were learning more about why hes been allowed to return to his job. Dearborns fire chief still is not doing any interviews. However, the community is also responding to his second chance.

Do you have anything to say? We asked after he was released two months ago from custody in Dearborn Heights. His reply was a short No thanks.

Reporter Simon Shaykhet asks Dearborn fire chief about arrest

On the streets of Dearborn, Kenneth Donegan told us: In my opinion no, he shouldnt be back. DUI is very serious. Someone could get hurt in that situation.

The alleged case of drunken driving, and stumbling through a field sobriety test, first landed the chief on leave. Today, an interview request was denied, but we did get a statement that spoke to the move for a second chance. Part of it read: After careful consideration, my administration has decided to reinstate Joseph Murray as Chief the choice to retain Chief Murray derives from balancing a two decades long career in public service and the humility to not evaluate an individual in their darkest moments.

Citizen Khairddin Al-Daratkech told us in response: We cant judge him and kick him out after what he did for the city. He did a lot of service and fought a lot for houses and people.

So far, the prosecutor’s office in Wayne County says theyve received no paperwork for a warrant request. We called Dearborn Heights Police for an update and are still waiting to hear back.

Additionally, the mayor has told fire employees the chief has taken accountability and agreed to preventive measures. The fire chief has remained out of the public eye since his arrest after allegedly doing 15 mph over the limit and weaving in traffic in late August at 2:44 a.m. So far, blood test results havent been released.

Were told the fire chief will have to spend the next year further rebuilding trust through a series of required activities such as community service. His employment is also conditional upon no further offenses.

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