The Supreme Court has struck down a Trump-era ban on bump stocks.

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Big news today from the Supreme Court, the high court has struck down a Trump-era ban on bump stocks.

The Supreme Court the ruled Trump administration did not follow federal law when it reversed course from previous administrations and banned bump stocks.

“It’s something you add on, just to have fun with,” said plaintiff Michael Cargill.

The ban came after a gunman used bump stocks, a rapid-fire gun accessory, to open fire at a music festival in Las Vegas killing nearly 60 people.

Michael Cargill sued the government over the ban and is now celebrating the ruling.

“The Supreme Court answered that superbly, exactly the way I wanted them to answer it,” said Cargill.

Tennessee Republican Congressman Tim Burchett and Alabama Republican Congressman Dale Strong say the court has spoken.

“It’s the Second Amendment, and I stand by it,” said Burchett. While Strong said, “The Supreme Court has ruled, let’s move on with it.”

Maryland Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin slammed the court’s ruling.

“The idea that anybody can have any arsenal they want in order to overthrow the government is ridiculous,” said Raskin.

Vice President Kamala Harris says the Biden administration will continue to work to reduce gun violence.

“What the court did today is really rolling back what otherwise is important progress that we made to prevent gun violence in America,” said Harris.

President Biden is now calling on Congress to act.  He wants lawmakers to ban bump stocks and pass an assault weapons ban.

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